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We systematize our production process

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Our crop has always worked almost perfectly with the patience, care and detail that our workers put into their work. This year, with the idea of giving a foundation to the growth that the company is facing, we decided to implement a complete system to modernize, parameterize and analyze the processes.

To achieve this, we have integrated the Magtrix system, which develops and integrates software and hardware for the advancement of new technologies in the agricultural sector. With this we will achieve a better result when measuring, analyzing and acting on the data generated, thus improving our internal and external processes. We also seek to give our team the tools to help them improve and facilitate their tasks.

With the arrival of this system we have improved our sales, portfolio and invoicing program, which are an important part of the communication with our customers. Likewise, we have improved our production process, boncheo performance and classification, having a better structure in the cold storage inventory. Likewise, the inventory of production to be processed, national register by causes and projections of our production vs. our actual production, making these tools useful for the development and strengthening of our relationships with our customers.

Last but not least, this system encourages us to continue offering a product of the highest quality, because we have strengthened the process of production and fertilization of the flower; that is, we obtain all the information related to the crop that allows us to make decisions in real time.

With all this, we hope to provide our customers with clearer and more accurate information about our varieties and availability, always ensuring the quality and commitment that makes us stand out.

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