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Every day in the course of work and personal challenges are faced, making these problems or obstacles, where they can lead to success or ruin. That is why in Tucán Flowers, we always see these difficulties as opportunities to learn and overcome each of these challenges that may arise along the way, because we have full confidence in our production processes and a clear horizon as a company as well as a purpose with you.

That is why this month with the arrival of winter we had to monitor the water level in our surrounding streams, this due to the large increase of rainwater that occurred this season and flooded our crop of Tucán 3, a place where we are expanding in order to meet the demand that is currently in the market for flowers.

In this learning process we were able to demonstrate once again our capabilities in the search for quick and effective solutions to not stop any production process of our flowers which were already planted in their respective warehouses. However, we had to suspend for a few days the installation of the other warehouses that would be located in the affected area; it is worth highlighting the work done by our operators and the administrative part of the trading company for their teamwork and the prompt response to the problem presented by an external factor.

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