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It is all about the attitude.

More than 18 years ago, we fell in love with spray roses because of their beauty, but more importantly, because of the feelings they awaken in each of us.

This is how Tucán Flowers began, a farm close to Bogota, Colombia that produces and markets cut flowers, being most of the spray roses.

Today we have an average of 200 workers who put their hearts into each process day after day. From controlling

the level of sunlight, good irrigation, good air circulation,

to protection against insects and the good cut of

petals and stems.

We understand that our clients are the best partners of

our company and that is why we are committed to

fulfilling the commitments made in the processes and deliveries, the excellent quality of the products and the

great service we provide.


We are a company producer of fresh-cut flowers that must supply efficiently the needs of different clients nationally and internationally under strict parameters of quality and compliance.


Tucán Flowers S.A; projects through high-quality parameters, good service and excellent compliance, positioning itself as the best production and marketing company for Spray Rose.


12 hectares to provide our customers with the best quality fresh flowers every day.

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