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Our growth process

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

In Tucan Flowers we have carried out a temporary program in the cultivation of rootstocks due to the need for growth arising from the high market demand, leaving our suppliers with little availability of these for the demand presented in the market.

That is why this temporary program has been carried out since the main focus of Tucan Flowers is the production of cut roses. In addition, the constant growth of suckers affects the production of the bush.

However, this effort that has been made with our team of flower growers has been very important to have a continuous growth of our crops and thus be able to meet our customers in the best way.

Next we will give a brief introduction of the process of growth and production of roses that we have been doing being this influenced mainly by the weather and nutrients; having these factors present we have been harvesting the patterns of a great variety of flowers, in order to make the most exhaustive process of planting, processing and working the suckers These when reaching a process of growth and strengthening must go through a process of continuous review until the maturation of the whip.

After this process of growth and maturation of the suckers is performed cleaning and fertilization in the stem to prevent diseases of this. At the end of this process, the stem is cut in order to continue its cultivation and carry out the same process of the other plant beds, which must be taken into account to motivate the plant to grow, thus preventing a process of inertia of the plant, which would delay its development.

To conclude this process, the plant must have reached a constant growth to be planted in its respective bed and give way to its development and strengthening process provided by the flower growers. This control by the floriculturists is fundamental because from there the plant must be provided with all the necessary care to deliver a product with the highest quality standards.

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