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Spray roses have an eye-catching element, as they stand out mainly because they have multiple flowers on a single branch, with intermediate stem lengths, making these roses very elegant.

Our production of spray roses is produced in ideal conditions for growing roses, suitable temperatures making this cycle the most optimal for production.

That is why we welcome to our family of spray roses a new variety called Velvet which has a characteristic color, being a deep red or velvety vinotint, with perfect wavy petals to give it that ideal touch, not to mention it's soft texture. In addition to this, this variety has three to five flowers per stem. Ideal for seasons such as Valentine's Day and Christmas. Like all our spray roses, this variety offers elegance, with a fresh and long-lasting aroma. Likewise, one of its most representative characteristics is the opening of its flowers between 3 to 5 cm and a length of 35 to 50 cm of the length of its stems, making this variety very desirable.

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