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Thanksgiving is a very important day in the North American culture, specifically in the United States and Canada, beginning in the years 1623 and 1509 respectively, where over the years this date became a tradition.

This date throughout history the reason for its celebration was changing from giving thanks to God, where later, the tradition of this holiday was celebrated due to the arrival of foreign citizens to North America. This is why in Canada, specifically at the beginning of the XVII century with the arrival of the French from New France with the explorer Champlain to their territory, bringing with them their customs such as the celebrations after the harvest season, even sharing their food with the aborigines of the region. This was expanding in different territories due to the arrival of more European immigrants to Canada as well as when the royalists began to escape from the United States during the Revolution of the Thirteen Colonies and settled in Canada.

On the other hand, we find the United States where this celebration originated in Plymouth in the state of Massachusetts, but there is evidence that the Spaniards of the Texas region held thanksgiving parties in the Virginia colony. This celebration was held in 1621 in thanksgiving for the good harvest of the season as in Canada, unlike the Canadian celebration this one expanded due to the lack of food in that area which led to a harvest festival where it became customary until the 1660s.

This festivity has become more relevant in the Colombian culture due to the North American influence in our country, being seen more as an opening day to the shopping and Christmas season than a family reunion to give thanks for this year.

That is why in Tucan Flowers, we are always to accompany you and bring our spray roses to your home to be the perfect combination to celebrate this special and important date as every day has a greater recognition worldwide. Therefore, you have at your disposal our wide range of seasonal varieties of our flowers, to provide that elegant touch, love and union between you and yours.

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