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Recognition of our team

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

In Tucan Flowers, we believe that celebrations are an important component to generate a sense of companionship and trust within our crop by generating a sense of teamwork and collaboration, which positively impacts on the employees' retribution towards the organization and it is to them, being represented in the quality of our products.

Celebrating birthdays not only provides a moment of disconnection and a pause to recognize our workers. It is an opportunity to give them value and recognition, that is why today we want to recognize our floriculturist Hector Julio Peña who has been with us for more than 18 years, being our first worker who every day gives us his experience and dedication that is reflected in his joy and his way of growing our plants.

Likewise, the company wants to commemorate the birthday of one of our founding partners and agronomist Pedro Vasquez, who believed in Tucan Flowers to provide dedication, dedication and loyalty, which is reflected in our production process. We would also like to recognize our Human Resources Manager Laura Cala on her birthday, since she is the one who provides her collaboration to our entire work team. On the other hand, Patricia Rodriguez, our sales manager, is celebrating one more year at Tucan Flowers, managing all the sales process and availability of our flower varieties.

This is how our collaborators push us to grow and continue delivering our products to our customers with the highest quality standards.

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