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An expansion process that drives us to keep growing

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Tucan Flowers 3 started in October 2019 after the need to have more flowers to meet the orders of our customers nationally and internationally, because the demand for spray roses has been growing in the last two years and we did not have the capacity to cover it 100%. It is a land of 8 hectares of which 1.6 hectares are currently planted and we are still preparing the remaining land so that in the course of 1 year the total planting has been completed, hoping that from the beginning of 2023 we will have a 100% production including all the basic colors that are needed (white, red, pink, hot Pink, yellow, orange, peach).

We started with the construction of the reservoirs in order to have water, which was the fundamental resource for the plants, then we began to work the land and build greenhouses through contractors, this process lasted approximately 3 months.

In January 2021 we began to work on raising beds and planting which were performed by the same workers of the main headquarters Tucan 1, in yellow, orange and red colors that were the strong colors for the fall season, counting that this production would take approximately 9 months and would come out at that time allowing us to cover a little more the needs of our customers.

Currently has 22 employees, have already implemented the construction of cold rooms and post-harvest to have enough space for the proper functioning of the process of the flower, offices and dining room looking to have a pleasant working environment for each of our employees.

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