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Recognition of their work

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

In Comercializadora Tucán Flower S.A.S. we are committed to our employees, providing them with an excellent experience in the development of their work activities. That is why we are always in constant growth to recognize their excellent work that is reflected in the quality of our spray roses, making them of the highest quality, with a fresh scent and a meticulous and detailed cut for the final result of the same.

It is for this reason that we are pleased to recognize the work of each and every one of our collaborators, since regardless of the function they are performing, they reflect our values and sense of belonging to the company.

Similarly, we want to highlight the work done by our more than 200 workers who see Tucán Flowers as their second home, due to their great dedication and commitment. Being this the place where in addition to performing their functions they also find a space conducive to personal, social and family development; because in the marketer we focus on providing an optimal work and social environment, where the union of all forces is reflected in the same good.

Finally, it is very important for us to give recognition to our collaborators, who in this month celebrate a special date which is their birthday.

- Javid Almanza

- Pablo Rivera

- Bertilde Vargas

- Luis Arevalo

- Maria Cuevas

- Victoria Bautista

- Karol Chamorro

- Patricia Nieto

- Rodolfo Sanchez

- Marisol Santivañez

- Harvi Mora

- Ingrid Masa

- Catalina Paez

- Yeimy Lizarazo

- José Muñoz

- Karen Martinez

- Maria Acosta

- Yeison Salazar

- José Colmenares

- Yessica Choachi

- Gilma Montaño

- Elizabeth Tinjacá

- Rosa Niño

That is why we want to let you know how important you are to us, since you allow us to continue accompanying you on this important date. This is why we wish you a happy birthday and a new year of life full of prosperity and well being.

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