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The rose is one of the most known species, cultivated and requested as a cut flower, thus highlighting a variety such as the spray rose with more detailed characteristics due to its size and qualities as it has a variety of flowers within the same stem, thus highlighting its beauty, the wide variety of colors, shades and combinations that it presents, its soft fragrance and diversity of sizes, make spray roses an element of exquisite plasticity, which undoubtedly occupies a preferential place in the decoration, and the taste of the consumer public.

Tucán Flowers spray roses have a careful and detailed control to offer roses of the highest quality, making these flowers have special characteristics, as we focus on offering a stem between 40cm to 60cm, with three to six buds per stem, maintaining an average head size of three to seven centimeters according to their variety, bonchados and requests from our customers.

That is why we have a great variety of colors in our spray roses, having a special and important date according to their season and established demand.

  • Our white and cream varieties have a particularity with respect to the others, this because its elegance and color are distributed in all seasons and are mostly used in weddings and special events; likewise its most significant time is in the Christmas season.

  • The variety of reds have two important dates, which are Valentine's Day and Christmas due to what its color symbolizes, such as love, passion and desire. These are the most representative seasons of the year for this color.

  • The spray roses Hot Pink, Rosados, and Peach are the colors with a higher percentage of sales compared to the other varieties, this is due to the tonality of its color, being these very requested throughout the year. In addition to this, these varieties have a very important time of the year for spray roses as it is the season of Mothers.

  • A lively and cheerful touch characterizes this variety of yellow and orange roses where it is distributed in two seasons of the year as it is in the Easter season in March and in August to November where there are important times of the year such as fall and Thanksgiving, because of this they are very demanded due to their autumnal colors.

  • Our bicolor spray roses have a variety of colors that are distributed throughout the year, this thanks to its mix of colors.

In Comercializadora Tucán Flowers S.A.S. we have a total of 27 varieties of spray roses, where we are in charge of distributing 9 colors mainly.

- White

- Creams

- Reds

- Hot Pink

- Pink

- Peach

- Yellows

- Orange

- Bicolor

That is why in Tucan Flowers we are always offering a product with the highest quality standards and a great variety of colors to satisfy the needs of the market in the most important times of the year, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and mothers. Therefore, we always want to accompany you and be part of those moments with your family, giving you that aroma, freshness and warmth that characterizes our crop.

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